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    I have been suffering from "chest pain" for 3 years. Went to the drs and all they did was run the normal test for heart lungs ect. All came back normal. Pain meds and deal with it was all I could do. It recently got to the point where I could not bare it any longer. Someone suggested I go see a chiropractor. "Maybe you have a rib or something out" I went and sure enough my ribs were all messed up front and back! After the first visit I instantly felt better. She (Dr Yousofi) warned me that I might feel worse the next day and it might "undo" itself. She told me she wanted me to come back later that week to check it again. I almost didnt believe her that it would feel bad, until the next day around dinner. Thankfully I had another appointment with her the following day. She again adjusted it and set appt for the next week. After a few adjustments its finally "sticking" I will continue to see her once a month or so for regular adjustments but I am so thankful to finally be rid of the "chest pain"

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    Dr. Lina is awesome! She listens carefully & starts off slow so as not to aggravate your injuries. She's also priced affordably & works with many different insurances. Highly recommend her!

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    "My system was all out of whack after the trauma of c-section with bleeding complications, gall bladder removal, followed a year later by open heart surgery all of which included multiple extended periods using strong pain medication. The cumulative result of these events compounded by the stress of returning to work and parenthood eventually caused me to simply be immobilized in severe neck and back pain." "I am so glad to have found Dr. Lina Yousofi who responded to my urgent need at 7pm and on such short notice. She has worked wonders for me in just 4 visits and while I continue to see her occasionally for maintenance, I now have a renewed surge of energy and stamina. My cardiologist and primary care doctors are very impressed with my condition - Thank you Dr. Yousofi!" - Kaye Cloutman, Tracy CA

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    I have had chronic shoulder pain for over 15 years. I have seen 3 other chiropracters who made little if any difference in my condition. However, I am delighted and impressed with the progress I have made in 10 visits to Dr. Yousofi. She focuses on my immediate need while also taking a comprehensive approach to my general wellness. She and her staff are sincere, friendly, and efficient.. My range of motion has increased dramatically in my shoulder, my pain level has decreased from 8 level to 1 on a scale of 10, my energy has increased, and I have an overall better sense of wellness, I am not easily impressed but I am with Wellness Chiropractic. I highly reccommend it to anyone .

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